The car park bollards are one of the many equipment that are required for the safety of the roads and every year more and more money have been spent on the road safety equipment to make the roads as safe as possible and to avoid majority of the accidents. The traffic safety devices include the solar road marker, various kind of bollard along the parking area and the solar LED maker lights as well. Talking about the bollards especially there are number of applications and uses of these traffic safety devices and it helps in number of ways. 

Secures and safe the different part of the roads:

The bollards separate various part of the roads and mark a line between the bike lanes, the parking lots and the area for the pedestrian. In many countries, where the cycling is becoming more common way of transportation, the cyclists need their separate lanes because the cyclist require less speedy lane and it is no safe for them to ride these on the main road and therefore, the bollards are installed on the side of the roads to keep the lane of the bicycles separate and more safe. In the dockyard these are used in front of the docks and these are also used in front of the garages to prevent the vehicles hitting the door in an attempt to break in because in this sense the vehicle will hit the bollards and will damage itself. Apart from this these are used in front of the buildings as well so that if any accident happens or any crash happens the vehicles do not hit the building. 

Other locations in which bollards could be used:

There is not only one location which make use of the bollards but there are many other locations as well in which bollards are use and these are districts, parks, schools and even many other financial institutions as well. Now a days apart from the commercial buildings, many residential buildings have also installed the bollards to make their pathways safe. 

Many options in bollards:

The types of the parking bollards are not limited, these come in variety of the types and each one of the type offers different feature and functionality and if you are planning to have one of these installed in your building then you must know that there are number of options you could choose from. The common kind of materials used for these are the stainless steel and these are one of the strongest and most durable kind of the bollards and remain damage free and are perfect for the high security areas.